Salesforce and SharePoint Online

See the smartest way to manage your Salesforce Files in action
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 Never Switch Applications Again

Share data carelessly and work with groups.

Never Switch between Applications again. Salesforce users will always have access to the right files in SharePoint Online.

Large File Support

Never exceed your Salesforce storage capacity.

Files >500 mb can be uploaded easily. Never exceed your Salesforce storage limits and save on storage costs


Very Adaptable

Works with all Salesforce Standard and Custom Objects.

Never lose the ease of using either SharePoint Online or Salesforce within their native environments.


Why Connect Salesforce

with SharePoint Online

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Why Choose                          ?



                                     offers the same file and folder actions as in SharePoint Online.
You can upload, download, preview, rename and delete files, depending on the access given to the user.


                             offers highly customizable file/folder creation and management which allows business processes to be correctly embedded in the external storage.

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"The smartest "


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